Investing during volatile times
Unless you have been living under a rock these past few weeks you have noticed the major swings in the equity markets. If it isn’t the news about Greece, it was the slump in oil prices or the econom [more]
How does you financial purpose affect your life?
“Without a clearly defined purpose, we are just a haphazard combination of goals and non-goals, actions and non-actions meandering through space and time.” – Brad Klontz If you’ve read my p [more]
Is Debt Inevitable?
“Debt is like any other trap; easy enough to get into but hard enough to get out of.” – Henry Wheeler Shaw The question of debt is one that intrigues, frustrates and irritates me. Since the [more]
3 Important Pension Plan Changes for BC Members
Similar to Alberta and Nova Scotia, B.C. is modernizing its outdated pension legislation. B.C. pension plan members will see a number of improvements, including immediate vesting and unlocking of smal [more]
Don’t finance your car loans for 8 years
I've been looking to replace my 8 year old minivan and I am amazed at the number of financing options available when it comes to buying a car, especially a new one.  Over 25 years ago when I was look [more]