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The Cost of Procrastination

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Theodore Roosevelt There are lots of reasons why we procrastinate. Sometimes it’s because we’re delaying doing something we really don’t enjoy doing. Sometimes it’s because we’re fearful. Sometimes it’s because we’re

Creating a Catalyst for Financial Change

“Catalyst: to spark, to ignite, energize, mobilize; something that accelerates a reaction.” (DDI) With two months of the year behind us, I think it’s safe to suggest that, for the vast majority of us, the resolutions we made with such conviction 10 weeks ago, have faded into distant (and perhaps, slightly uncomfortable) memories. No matter

Conscious vs. Unconscious Spending

“Every day brings more choices.” – Martha Beck Each week, I try to find an “aha-moment”. The aha-moment is a lightbulb moment; something that makes you think and opens your mind to a new perspective or a new way of doing things. Sometimes my aha-moment is connected to fitness, sometimes to personal growth, sometimes to finances.

Three Lifestyle Investments for success

“The only lasting investment, is an investment in yourself.” – Jeffrey Benjamin When it comes to financial planning, one of the challenges is stepping back far enough to be able to see the big picture. Logically, we know that building wealth is a numbers game and so we tend to direct most of our focus on