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Bitcoin basics

You’ve probably heard the buzz about bitcoin in the last few months. The price is up or down, websites hacked, millions made and vanished. It’s all very intriguing, but what exactly is bitcoin? The answer is complicated, because bitcoin is a lot of things. According the the website, “Bitcoin is an innovative payment networkContinue Reading

How To Live A Debt Free Life

Lot of people live in debt and don’t have a problem with it. For them, it’s just a way of life and they continue life as normal. For other people though, being in debt us a depressing situation that they feel they can’t cope with when it seems to be out of their control. SoContinue Reading

Tax friendly investments can make sense

This is a guest post from Cleo Hamel, Senior Tax Analyst for H&R Block Canada With the economy still uncertain, investing in the current market conditions can be challenging. And nothing is more discouraging than picking a winning investment only to be hit by a big tax bill. But there are investments that can beContinue Reading