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Bitcoin basics

You’ve probably heard the buzz about bitcoin in the last few months. The price is up or down, websites hacked, millions made and vanished. It’s all very intriguing, but what exactly is bitcoin? The answer is complicated, because bitcoin is a lot of things. According the the website, “Bitcoin is an innovative payment networkContinue Reading

Pitfalls of The Insured Retirement Strategy

Back in mid-1990′s the insurance industry came out with a new concept called the Insured Retirement Strategy.   The idea is that you build tax-deferred investment values inside a life insurance policy during your earning years.  Upon retirement, rather than withdrawing funds from the insurance policy (which would trigger taxes)  you instead use the policy asContinue Reading

Opportunity Cost and Your Retirement

One of the issues that many of us forget about when it comes to saving for retirement is opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is the money lost when you don’t take advantage of what’s available to you. When it comes to retirement, one of the most common ways opportunity cost makes itself manifest is when youContinue Reading

Life insurance options for retirees

You’ve worked all your life, paid your bills and saved up enough to finally take the break you’re been waiting for – welcome to retirement. As part of the process, you may be considering what you can or should do with your life insurance.  Let’s address the various life insurance options and needs going forward.Continue Reading

Life Insurance Options

When you purchase your life insurance there are a variety of options available to you. These life insurance options are known as ‘riders’ and serve a wide variety of purposes.  Like buying a new car, adding these bells and whistles can add substantially to your costs without necessarily giving you a better ride.  Let’s reviewContinue Reading

Is an Annuity Right for You?

The goal of retirement planning is to create a stable income that can provide for your needs (and wants) when you decide that you no longer want to work in a more traditional job. It’s tricky, though, find the right investments to provide that income stream. If you have a nest egg, you have toContinue Reading