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This week, the government announced some great news . . . the annual Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) limit for 2013 is going up to $5,500.  Many articles this week suggested that increasing the limit by $500 is not a big deal for most Canadians.  To me any increase is positive whether big or small.  The TFSA is an amazing financial tool and although it is coming to it’s fifth year, we have yet to see the true power of this account.  In case you are not sure about how the TFSA works, here’s a few articles I wrote from the past:

This Week I Wrote:

Other Great Reads:

Written by Jim Yih

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  1. I definitely agree with you Jim. $500 increase may not seem like much for over 12 months if you’re in a high income bracket. But for anyone making less than under 40k/year it’s a great improvement.

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