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Tomorrow, my oldest son Robbie turns 9 and it’s fitting to share a little story involving Robbie this week.  Robbie came to me with $130 and told me that Mom wanted the money in the safe because it was not safe in his sock drawer.  When I asked him where he got the money from and why it was in his sock drawer, he told me it was money he got from birthdays, holidays and Grandma and he didn’t want to give it to me because every time he gives me money, I never let him spend it.  We put the $130 in an envelope and he made me sign it saying I would give it to him if he asked for it.  I love that kid and he will thank me one day for helping him save!

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    Hey, it’s a tough market, I get it. But why should I pay this guy fees when a bunch of Treasury Bills and GIC’s would earn about 2.5%? I’m nearing 60 – should I get out on my own?

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