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Its that time of year when kids head back to school. Now that the CESG program has been in effect for the past 12 years, more and more students qualify for withdrawals from RESPs to help pay for the rising cost of post secondary education. Here’s a list of great articles on RESPs from my website and around the web.

RESP article from

RESP Contribution Rules – The contributions rules are kind of confusing because there are so many different rules.  Check out this article to sort it all out

RESP Carry forward Rules – Being a father of 4 children, it is really tough to contribute the maximum amount each and every year. Here’s how I can take advantage of the carry forward rules

Three types of RESP plans – a quick primer on individual, family and group RESP plans

The terminology of RESPs – It’s hard to understand RESPs without knowing the terminology

Investing Your RESPs – There is an art to managing risk in the RESPs.  Check out my thoughts

Use caution with In Trust Accounts for Children or Grandchildren

Three common questions on Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

Four Great Reasons to invest in Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

Know the Facts Before Picking an RESP Plan

Getting Government Money from the Education Savings Plans

Saving for Education Using the RESP

The Gift of Education

Different options to save for your child’s education

Four Great Reasons to use Registered Education Savings Plans

Other great articles from around the web

8 things you need to know about withdrawing money from your RESP account by

How to Withdraw Excess money from the RESP by

Relatives Battling over RESP money – Who gets it? By

Everything you need to know about RESPs by Investor Education Fund

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) basics by Million Dollar Journey

Alberta Centenial Education Savings (ACES) by Canadian Finance Blog

Tax info about RESPs

Carrying Forward RESP Contributions/CESG by Million Dollar Journey

RESP Wrinkles-Clerical Change for RESPs Makes for More Headaches by BigCajunMan

Free RESP eBook by

How To Avoid RESP Withdrawal Penalties If Your Child Doesn’t Go To Schoo
l by

Why Aren’t You Using an RESP? by Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Is a Group RESP Plan Right for You? By Canadian Capitalist

Q&A on RESPs from

Random Thoughts: Back to RESP Week – Big Cajun Man shares his personal experience about withdrawing RESPs for his kids through a series of posts.

Canada Education Savings Grants by

Government sources on RESPS

Education Savings information from the government

List of designated qualifying educational institutions

Verification of enrollment form

RESPs in the news

Students, parents face raft of decisions – RESPs, TFSAs, tuition payments pose dilemmas for many by Ray Turchanksy

Fewer Canadians taking advantage of generous savings opportunities by Metro News

Don’t forget your RESP in your will by Tim Cestnick

An RESP can educate your kids in more ways than one by Rob Carrick

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