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This week I found out that another book project I have been working on is going live.   The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing for Canadians is a primer for those just getting started with saving and investing. No complicated technical treatments, just 100 pages of easy to understand guidance on saving and investing.  This book is especially unique because I shared the writing with some of the best bloggers in Canada including Krystal Yee, Canadian Capitalist, Frugal Trader and Glenn Cooke.  We were lucky to have Dan Bortolotti do all of the editing.  to learn more about the book, visit

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Written by Jim Yih

Jim Yih is a Fee Only Advisor, Best Selling Author, and Financial Speaker on wealth, retirement and personal finance. Currently, Jim specializes in putting Financial Education programs into the workplace.For more information you can follow him on Twitter @JimYih or visit his other websites Group Benefits Online and Advisor Think Box.

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