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Any soccer parents out there?  May and June are not only busy for work but I have 3 of 4 kids in soccer and I am coaching in some capacity for all three teams.  As busy as that is, I love being with the kids.  One of my favourite things about being a soccer coach is watching the kids improve regardless of age or skill.  It just goes to show we can all improve at anything if we just work at it . . . including our finances!

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Written by Jim Yih

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  1. Boy can I relate! Our three kids are older now (ages 18-23) but at one point we had all of them playing travel soccer. It was not uncommon to have all three playing in different parts of the Chicago area (or other parts of the country) at the same time. Loved it, wouldn’t have traded a minute of the time we spent traveling with and watching the kids for anything.

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