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Best of Blogs-happiness

This week’s quote is about finding happiness and for me, when I relate this quote to retirement and how to retire happy, it’s clear that happiness is about more than just money.  It’s about finding harmony and balance between money issues but also lifestyle issues.  It’s so important to understand that money is just a

Best of Blogs – accomplishments

This week’s quote is all about looking forward into your future and making sure you work on accomplishing things that are important so you don’t regret not getting them done in the future.  Some people wait until retirement to do all the things they’ve been waiting to do when they have the time.  My suggestion is to

Best of Blogs – Off to Ottawa

A while back I wrote a couple of articles analyzing the Air Miles Rewards Program using an example of booking our trip to Ottawa.  The time has come and we are off to the nation’s capital to visit family, see parliament hill and walk along the Canal.  As a result, I will be taking Monday off

Best of Blogs

This Week I Wrote: On Monday I explained why Your Investment Foundation and Framework is Key. On Tuesday Sarah shared a lot of Lessons from Financial Crisis. On Wednesday I listed out all of the Life Insurance Options for Retirees. Other Great Reads: This week the Canadian Personal Finance Blog delved into The Seduction of

Best of Blogs – Doers and Dreamers

Last week I talked about Intentions not being enough and the key to success comes from being a ‘doer’.  This week’s quote builds on that concept.  Dreaming is great but it in itself is not enough.  Dreaming is the catalyst to success but to really get moving, something has to ignite to action.  Dreamers are

Best of Blogs – Actions or Intentions

Bettering your finances means some level of change is requires.  If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll probably get what you’ve always got.  This week’s quote is all about action which really is the key to change.  Whether it’s about money, health, relationships, or anything else, many people have good intentions to do