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What do you think of the new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP)

The Ontario Liberals’ recent majority victory means the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) will soon be a reality. The labour market in Ontario isn’t any different from the rest of Canada – there are the pension have’s and the pension have not’s. Targeting The Pension Have Not’s With each passing year, the number of workersContinue Reading

A case study on CPP combined benefits

I provided calculations for a client recently, and I think his situation might provide a good example of how receiving a CPP survivor’s pension can affect the decision of when to start receiving your CPP retirement pension. When you’re eligible for both a CPP retirement pension and a CPP survivor’s pension, you get CPP combined benefits.Continue Reading

How to calculate your CPP Post-Retirement Benefit (PRB)

Once you’re receiving your CPP retirement pension, any further CPP contributions that you make won’t affect the amount of your regular pension but they aren’t wasted, because they will earn you CPP Post-Retirement Benefits (PRB). PRBs will be added to your monthly CPP pension, even if you’re already receiving the maximum CPP retirement amount. TheContinue Reading