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I’ve received a number of enquiries recently from people asking me if they need to apply in order to receive your CPP Post Retirement Benefit (PRB.) The short answer is “No”—there is no app [more]
Case study: CPP credit split
One of the services that my business offers is to analyze the impact that a CPP credit split would have on a couple’s CPP retirement pensions, in advance of either party applying for a credit split. [more]
Understanding Government Benefits
Government benefits represent the cornerstone of the Canadian Retirement Income System. If you are nearing retirement or in retirement it is important for you to understand how these government benefi [more]
Understanding the OAS clawback
A client asked me recently whether he should be concerned about keeping his income low in his 64th year, because he understood that the OAS clawback was based on his income in the previous year. I’v [more]
Understanding CPP sharing
What does CPP pension sharing mean? First of all, it’s important to differentiate between CPP “pension sharing” and CPP “credit splitting” (officially known as Division of Unadjusted Pens [more]

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