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Retirement income options for a DC Pension Plan?

Recently I wrote about theoretical retirement income options from a Defined Benefit Pension and a Defined contribution Pension. Related articles:  Defined Contribution Pension Options at retirement   and  Defined Benefit pension options at retirement This week, I would like to look at this from a more practical perspective via a case study of Paula. Paula has

Using annuities to guarantee retirement income

As investors approach retirement, they often begin to look for products that do a better job of protecting their money. They’re willing to give up some growth potential to guarantee a comfortable, worry-free retirement. For decades GICs have been the product of choice for risk-averse investors. GICs do secure your money, but after losses due

Everything You Need to Know About Life Annuities

A life annuity is a contract provided by a life insurance company that pays an investor a guaranteed income for a lifetime. No matter how long the investor (annuitant) lives, he/she is guaranteed never to outlive their income from a life annuity. It’s not much different than having a lifetime defined benefit pension plan. Essentially

Investing for retirement income

Congratulations. You’ve laboured for decades so that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement. Or, maybe you’re retiring in a few years and are looking forward to reaping the rewards of your hard work. Either way, you have some mighty important decisions to make – such as what investments to own, how to manage them tax