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Do You Need Life Insurance?

I recently read a discussion forum about this important question: Do you need life insurance? In this forum, there were some incredibly intelligent people that ranged from financial advisors, fee for service advisors, life insurance agents, financial bloggers and even do-it-yourselfers. Life insurance has forever been a controversial topic of discussion. The roots of negativity

What Is The Best Type of Life Insurance?

If you’re not familiar with life insurance, it can seem like a different language. You’ll hear things like whole life, universal life, critical illness, term insurance, and temporary and permanent needs. Understanding a bit about insurance can help you make an informed decision about the coverage that’s right for you, your family or your business.

Tips to save on your life insurance costs

There’s an old joke: “If I was walking down the street and saw my insurance agent, I’d cross the road so I wouldn’t have to talk to him.” I handle life insurance as part of my financial-planning practice and I get it. People don’t like insurance. Most don’t understand it, and certainly don’t like to

Facts of life: creative uses for life insurance

Life insurance protects our loved ones from financial disaster should a family lose a bread winner due to a premature death. In fact, insurance often is an essential part of your financial planning, perhaps far more important than investing. However, there are other innovative uses that can make life insurance a low-cost solution to certain

Understanding the Capital Dividend Account

What is a Capital Dividend Account? The Capital Dividend Account, or CDA, is a notational account that small business can use to pay out tax free income to its shareholders.  Small business must be a Canadian controlled private corporation (CCPC), in order to use this notational account. The Capital Dividend Account makes note of certain income