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Life insurance is a simple product
Life insurance is a simple product. It pays out if you die. If you don’t die and continue to pay the premiums your insurance provides financial security for your family. There are variations when [more]
Power of Attorney
I have been doing some reading on Financial Advisors and dealing with Power of Attorney’s which led me to think that a quick review of Power of Attorney documents including what they are and what th [more]
Effective January 1, 2015, Carriers will update how taxable long-term and short-term disability benefits are administered to align with new requirements outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). [more]
Do You Need Life Insurance?
I recently read a discussion forum about this important question: Do you need life insurance? In this forum, there were some incredibly intelligent people that ranged from financial advisors, fee for [more]
Do you need Critical Illness insurance after retiring?
I received an email from a client the other day. This client has recently reached financial independence, and has left the workforce in pursuit of new adventures. He’s currently in the process of re [more]

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