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Power of Attorney

I have been doing some reading on Financial Advisors and dealing with Power of Attorney’s which led me to think that a quick review of Power of Attorney documents including what they are and what they are used for. The Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that gives someone or more than one

Do You Need Life Insurance?

I recently read a discussion forum about this important question: Do you need life insurance? In this forum, there were some incredibly intelligent people that ranged from financial advisors, fee for service advisors, life insurance agents, financial bloggers and even do-it-yourselfers. Life insurance has forever been a controversial topic of discussion. The roots of negativity

Do you need Critical Illness insurance after retiring?

I received an email from a client the other day. This client has recently reached financial independence, and has left the workforce in pursuit of new adventures. He’s currently in the process of reviewing his cost structures, and is wondering if it is still worthwhile maintaining the two critical illness policies that were an important

What Is The Best Type of Life Insurance?

If you’re not familiar with life insurance, it can seem like a different language. You’ll hear things like whole life, universal life, critical illness, term insurance, and temporary and permanent needs. Understanding a bit about insurance can help you make an informed decision about the coverage that’s right for you, your family or your business.

Tips to save on your life insurance costs

There’s an old joke: “If I was walking down the street and saw my insurance agent, I’d cross the road so I wouldn’t have to talk to him.” I handle life insurance as part of my financial-planning practice and I get it. People don’t like insurance. Most don’t understand it, and certainly don’t like to

Disability insurance: Insuring the Money Machine

I hate columns that sound pushy or salesy. Like the Aesop fable about the wind and the sun, I genuinely believe that appealing to someone’s sense of pride will get you miles farther than shaming them into doing what you want. And yet here I go… I’m not sure when it started, but somewhere down