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Moving forward with CPP expansion
Last month the finance ministers reached a historic agreement to expand CPP. This has been hotly debated for years with no action, but it was finally made official. With support from all the provinces [more]
What do you think of pension reform in Canada?
Fifty per cent of Canadians will be feeling the burn as they face big cuts to their standard of living at retirement and despite pension reform, there appears to be no relief in sight. Public pensi [more]
Pension Plans are the Foundation of Retirement Planning
According to Canada Customs Revenue Agency (CCRA), "A pension plan may generally be described as an arrangement between an employer and its employees, or between a union and its members, for prov [more]
Pension Update: More about the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan
Despite a federal Liberal majority in the fall, the provincial Liberals are moving full steam ahead with the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP). Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa said Ontaria [more]
No pension? Go out and buy one
Anyone who is retired or planning to retire in the next few years needs to be very careful with their investment decisions. Those with no pension may want to consider options to pensionize their retir [more]