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Developing RRSP withdrawal strategies

The RRSP is one of the key pillars of retirement savings.  Although many people contribute to RRSPs because of the immediate tax savings, it’s also one of the best accounts for long term retirement savings. Lots has been written about accumulation and growing RRSPs but as the demographics suggest more and more baby boomers needContinue Reading

The Lifelong Learning Plan

In today’s world we are faced with constantly changing work realities. People change jobs/careers more than ever before and with uncertainty in the job market we are also susceptible to lay-offs and downsizing. If a person needs to take on some more training or education the Government of Canada has an option for that person,Continue Reading

Stages of Investing

When it comes to choosing an investment, sometimes your choice will depend on what stage of investing you are at.  In this article I explore investing as a progression or evolution of how much money you have in your portfolio. Experience and timing can play a role in how your money is invested.  If youContinue Reading