I’ve received a number of enquiries recently from people asking me if they need to apply in order to receive your CPP Post Retirement Benefit (PRB.)The short answer is “No”—there is no app [more]
Weatherproofing Your Finances
“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” – Sir Winston ChurchillOver the past few weeks I’ve been facilitating a number of education sessions and one topic that often comes up for discussion [more]
Messages from men in retirement
I was curious about what men in their first few years of retirement would say to other men approaching their own retirement.  I also polled some retirement coaches who work with people preparing for [more]
Simple Strategies to Kick-Start Your Financial Goals
“You need to be content with small steps. That’s all life is, small steps that you take every day.” – Katie KacvinskyI’ve been thinking a lot lately about a number of my goals and, in pa [more]
Variable Returns Can Work Against You in Retirement
Variable Returns Create Timing RiskOne of the problems of return projections in the financial industry is that most of the math is modeled on a straight line.  For example, the math on a 7% avera [more]