Common Fears of Estate Planning
No matter how you look at things, Estate Planning involves emotions. Some common emotions include the joy of giving to loved ones, sadness that you won't be around to see how loved ones might enjoy yo [more]
Estate Planning: Seven questions that will change lives
Bob and Beth had lived near Edmonton where Bob had operated a highly successful company for over 30 years. They were multimillionaires. Bob and Beth had wills in which they would leave everything t [more]
Changes to Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement from the Federal Budget
For the first time ever, seniors outnumber children under the age of 15. With millions of baby boomers set to leave the workforce in the coming years, this gap will only grow over time. Maybe that's w [more]
Lessons from the market masters
I’ve always believed strongly that investors would be more successful by copying how the professionals choose and manage their investments. Similarly, people should avoid taking advice from repor [more]
Common Money Stories we tell ourselves
“You are what you believe yourself to be.” – Paulo Coelho A couple of weeks ago, I was called out by a friend for negative self-talk. We’d been talking about making time for “passion proj [more]
3 Ways for seniors to unlock your home equity in retirement
The family home is the most valuable asset for most families. With home prices skyrocketing in cities across Canada, it can be tempting to tap into the equity in your home. While some people have gold [more]

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