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These videos are live clips from my retirement workshops. If you are interested in bringing financial education into your workplace, contact us

Retirement plans are like jigsaw puzzles What is a retirement plan?
No body cares about your money more than you The Proper Use of RRSPs
Practice Retirement How Much is Enough?
Develop a retirement card

Paycheques in retirement
Low interest rates in retirement Have your cake and eat it too

Jim also works regularly with the media. Here are some clips of his work with Breakfast Television.

Jim on CTV talking about the importance of Legacy Planning

Jim on SHAW TV talking about Financial Education in the Workplace

BTV Jim on retirement planning though the ages

BTV Jim on Market Volatility part 1

BTV Jim on Market Volatility part 2

BTV Jim on Market Volatility part 3

BTV Jim on Taxes

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