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A great money making secret

Once in a while, I have the opportunity to teach finance in schools. I talk about four items that you can do with your money. Spend, save, donate and invest.

Spending and saving do not need much explanation, but I explain that investing and saving are two very different principles.

Saving is a short term cycle while investing is to hold the value and grow or maintain and generate income from.

Finally, we come to donate.

It’s the one thing some of the wealthiest people on the planet have done and are doing.

It’s the one thing written about in various ancient cultures and still promoted today.

It’s the one thing that will bring money to anyone who does it but at the same time, most people fear doing.

Donating does not have to be money, but look at all of the wonderful volunteers in the community and around the world donating their time. After all, time is money. This is one of the greatest money-making secrets in history? Give money or time away. That’s right, give it away!

Give it to people who help you, inspire you, heal you or move you. Give it to people without expecting them to return it, but give it knowing it will come back to you multiplied from some source.

In 1924 John D. Rockefeller wrote to his son and explained his practice of giving away money. He wrote, “… at the beginning of getting money, away back in my childhood, I began giving it away, and continued increasing the gifts as the income increased…”

He gave away more money as he received more income. He gave away $550 million dollars in his lifetime.

We see it every day in our community of wonderful businesses to give money to worthy causes.

But what I’m talking about here is individual giving. I’m talking about you giving money so you will receive more money. Give something from your heart. Don’t be stingy. Come from abundance, not scarcity. Give without expecting return, but do expect a return.

As you do, you will see your own prosperity grow.


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