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According to a report done by Denton, Feaver and Spencer, in 1996 there were 12.2% of our population living beyond the age of 65. By 2036 this number will more than double with approximately 24.8% o [more]
Recently, I was reminded of Plato's famous Allegory of the Cave that I first read two decades ago while I was a student in university. Plato wrote about prisoners in a cave, watching shadows that th [more]
The true value of a person is not in the body or in the mind but in ones soul. There is a wonderful story of a great scholar who used to stand up out of respect when a person with developmental dis [more]
It's not every day a funeral director can go beyond the call of duty for a family in need, but for some funeral directors, this is the norm rather than the exception. All funeral directors have the [more]
Based on our experience working with clients in both Canada and United States, as well as conversations with other professionals on both sides of border (a purely unscientific survey to be sure), su [more]