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Normally I am not one for completely misleading headlines like the one in this article but the truth is it may not be misleading at all. Canadians have over $100 billion dollars in regular savings and [more]
Currently, Canadians are holding billions of dollars in regular savings and chequing accounts. Frankly this surprises me considering that most bank accounts are paying a meager 0.25% or less. Back in [more]
When it comes to bank accounts and investment accounts, some couples prefer joint ownership while others are strict about maintaining separate accounts. Joint ownership with your spouse There are [more]
Are you comfortable with online banking?
Recently, on the Alberta Primetime Money Panel, I was asked how comfortable Albertans and Canadians were with online banking.  Personally, I am very comfortable with technology and online banking.  [more]
I don’t often promote specific products but a little creative marketing motivated me to share this promotion with you. Last week, I got a box in the with an empty ice cream tub container, a plast [more]