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Aside from hockey supremacy, what many Canadians believe unifies the nation as a people distinct from our neighbours to the south is a universal health-care system. Canadian identity is directly tie [more]
Traditionally, small to mid-sized Canadian businesses have offered group health benefits to their workforce by utilizing insurance carriers. During the last decade, consolidation in the market has res [more]
Clients who own businesses can now take advantage of tax deductions that were only available to major corporations. This can be done by establishing a Private Health Services Plan for their company or [more]
About a year and a half ago, I experienced the most frightening event of my life. I had just arrived home one evening after seeing the "Lord of the Rings- Two Towers." My daughter, Leslie, who was o [more]
Over the last few years there has been a lot written on the value of employees receiving stock options as an employee benefit and the favourable tax treatment this form of compensation receives from [more]