Book reviews: 10 things I wish someone told me about retirement

My latest book 10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me about Retirement has been a hot seller in our workshops and most recently, its gotten some attention from some great authorities. Thanks to all the people that have bought our books and said great things about it. Special thanks to Canadian Capitalist, Larry MacDonald and Rob Carrick for their wonderful comments.

From Canadian Capitalist, Moneysense

“I did find the book to be very impressive because it contains the kind of straight talk that you usually don’t hear”

“Canadians who are starting to plan for their retirement or already planning it will find this book to be invaluable. Topics discussed include what to expect in retirement both from a lifestyle and financial point of view, debt reduction, investments, insurance, taxes, generating income in retirement and estate planning.”

“The book has an interesting structure. One author kicks off the discussion on a topic and the others chime in later in a roundtable format. As each author works in a different field — Rein Selles is a Retirement Planner, Jim Yih is a Financial Expert and Patricia French is a Family Finance Expert — they each bring an unique perspective to the subject under discussion.” To read the entire review, visit the MoneySense Blog

From Larry MacDonald, Canadian Business Online

I was also pleasantly surprised to read advice not normally heard from financial planners. They are often accused of emphasizing the investing side of financial planning (particularly buying mutual funds), but there wasn’t much of that in this book. To read the entire review, visit the Canadian Business Online

From Rob Carrick, Globe and Mail

Rob featured our book and the Canadian Capitalist review in his Personal Finance Reader, which is the best of the web on money, markets and all things financial

From featured an excerpt from the book in the weekly book features on the Paycheques of Retirement To read the post, visit the

What other readers have said about this book

I have been reading and studying the book as I went along – using the opportunity to learn what to do next in my own life. At 54, returning from South Africa back here to a year of ill health, low work, culture shock and like many, last year was not good for my investments. I took life head on, lost more than won, but I am still standing. This book has given me new strength to evaluate what I have and a plan has begun to emerge that has me smiling for the first time since arriving back home. You say it’s never too late – your book just reminded me, this game is far from over.

So thank you

Raymond Radcliffe

Overall, I like your book! I find the information easy to understand and quite relevant and practical. I also like the conversational tone of the writing as well as the variety of expression that comes from having three authors.

Carly King, Ontario

These retirement experts have experience helping over 50,000 Albertans achieve personal freedom. They succeeded in condensing all their expertise into this practical and most helpful 200-page book. If you read nothing else about retirement, read this!

Nell Smith, Calgary, Alberta

About the book

Three of Canada’s foremost retirement and life educators bring their collective insights, experience and knowledge to bear on the problems that Canadians face in planning for retirement. Using 10 key planning principals, the authors outline a perspective on planning that incorporates lifestyle planning, management of credit and debt, investment planning, insurance and risk management, tax efficiency, legal and estate planning and income design.

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  1. Lynne

    10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me about Retirement is a fabulous read. Simple, yet detailed, insightful and entertaining! I feel much much more prepared for “that day, that life”. It offers lots of key points and you’re able to spring-board into other topics using the suggestions within! Be prepared to take notes. This is great information! Thank you.

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