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2017 Financial Planning Guide: The numbers you need to know
A new year means new limits and data.  Here’s a list of new financial planning data for 2017 (In case you want to compare this to past years, I've included old data as well). Pension and RRSP con [more]
Why Own Your Home When You Can Rent?
“A good home must be made not bought.” – Joyce Maynard We live in a society that places a great deal of importance on home ownership. Owning a home is often seen as a hallmark of success; the [more]
Setting students up for financial success
The fall season is certainly well know for getting back to school so it's also an opportune time to to talk about finances for post secondary students.  Here's a segment I did recently on Alberta Pri [more]
What’s your findependence day?
In over two decades of working with people and their money, it’s become clear that the average person generally does precisely the worst thing at the worst time. As a result, most of us fall shor [more]
Financial planning is a daunting task because it’s BIG and IMPORTANT.  In yesterday’s post on Retire Happy Blog, I used a map as a metaphor for financial planning.  The analogy I used is that th [more]