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Retirement is a time of great excitement and the beginning of a new stage of life. As with any big life change, there is also an element of concern, as people become overwhelmed with the decisions the [more]
I just read an interesting article by Joe at Retire by 40 on work hard, play hard.  In the article Joe gives his personal definition of what it means to work hard, play hard and what the phrase means [more]
Coping with becoming a widow or widower
You may have heard of chemo brain as patients struggle with memory and decision-making during and just after treatment for cancer.  Not as many have heard of widow or widowers’ brain that results i [more]
Retirement Catch-up strategies for late starters
I recall an old New Yorker cartoon. It showed a financial planner sitting across the desk from an older couple. “We want to retire next week and have no money,” the man told the advisor. “This i [more]
Will your retirement be your victory lap?
Retirement – it’s a day many people look forward to and some people dread. Retirement used to look something like this: you’d spend your entire career with a single company, before retiring (som [more]