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I come across many people when doing retirement planning who are familiar with the term “estate taxes”.  They have heard the term on TV or read it in an article. I am asked if we have anything li [more]
One area of tax planning that does not receive enough attention is the designation of beneficiaries when it comes to Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and Registered Retirement Income Funds [more]
Susan was 29 when she lost her husband in a car accident. She had three children under age five. Their care and emotions were an immediate issue, but she had far more to be concerned about.A forme [more]
Recently I had another Financial Advisor come to my office and ask why someone would set up a trust. The Financial Advisor thought that a client would be diving into a very complex world that perhaps [more]
Recently, I talked about some of the key communication items in Estate Planning between generations. It is important for beneficiaries and executors to know where to find things like the wills and est [more]