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The ABC’s of financial success

This week is Financial Literacy Week in Canada. According to the non-profit organization, ABC Life Literacy Canada, Financial Literacy Week is a national awareness and engagement campaign that seeks to increase the financial literacy and math skills of Canadians through access to tools, resources and community events. It will be celebrated from October 30 to November 5, 2011.

To kick off financial literacy week in Canada, I thought I would share 26 simple ideas to grow, manage and protect your wealth.

A – Have the right mental ATTITUDE
B – BELIEVE that you can do it
C – Do you CARE about your money?
D – Pay down and manage your DEBT
E – Don’t forget ESTATE PLANNING
F – Watch the FEES you are paying on your investments
G – Set productive financial GOALS
H – Develop healthy FINANCIAL HABITS
I – review your INSURANCE
K – Financial KNOWLEDGE is an asset
L – What is your LATTE factor?
M – Take control of your MONEY
N – Don’t NEGLECT your money
O – Recognize good OPPORTUNITIES when they present themselves
P – It all starts with PLANNING
Q – Never be afraid to ask good QUESTIONS.
R – Good RESEARCH leads to good decisions
S – SAVE money automatically and regularly
T – Understand how your money is TAXED
U – Principles of financial success are UNIVERSAL
V – Know your financial VALUES
W – Financial success requires hard WORK
X – Do you have the financial X-Factor?
Y – Know YOURSELF first
Z – Think Big! think Zillionaire?

(OK, I admit I stretched on a few of these but can you think of a better idea for the letter Z?)

Hopefully, you find a few ideas to help improve your financial success. Financial literacy week is simply about creating awareness and reminding ourselves of the importance that money has to our lives. Part of creating more financial success lies in our ability to reduce any financial stress that we have.


You can read all you want and as you can see from my list, there is no shortage of information out there. The key to financial success is to take just one, two or three good ideas and put them to work. The best idea is the implemented one! So just get implementing!


  1. Vanessa

    As much as the inspirational sayings are appreciated, an article like this will have more of a significant effect if it covers all of its bases. For example, the letter B, can state something like Bankruptcy, a financial issue that is faced by such a large number of Canadians. If this is included in the article maybe it will create an awareness for those who don’t know, and eventually this can lead to a drop in the number of people dealing with this issue..just some food for thought..

    • Jim Yih

      I appreciate the personal attachment to the issues around bankruptcy. There’s a lot of good terms not covered but unfortunately, I can’t cover them all in one short article. After writing for almost 15 years, there’s still new things to write about. Dealing Bankruptcy is not my area of expertise so I’ll leave you to being the expert on that topic!

  2. UltimateSmartMoney

    Pretty clever post. I like the Z the best! Always aim high, infinite is the best.

  3. JG Larvan

    I like the Z part. Unfortunately, I haven’t been considering insurance and estate planning funds lately. I have automatic savings and good financial habits but have never given the previous 2 any thoughts yet.

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