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I often come across investors who are reluctant to sell an investment because of the associated capital gains tax payable. Whether it’s a stock or mutual fund they’ve owned for ages, a rental prop [more]
“A good home must be made not bought.” – Joyce Maynard We live in a society that places a great deal of importance on home ownership. Owning a home is often seen as a hallmark of success; the [more]
The fall season is certainly well know for getting back to school so it's also an opportune time to to talk about finances for post secondary students.  Here's a segment I did recently on Alberta Pri [more]
In over two decades of working with people and their money, it’s become clear that the average person generally does precisely the worst thing at the worst time. As a result, most of us fall shor [more]
Financial planning is a daunting task because it’s BIG and IMPORTANT.  In yesterday’s post on Retire Happy Blog, I used a map as a metaphor for financial planning.  The analogy I used is that th [more]