Happy retirement…The next verse

Recently I came out with a bunch of examples of how to plan for a happy retirement. Here are a few more ideas on this important goal.

Happy together by the turtles

Positive relationships are a bonus whether with a spouse, other family members, neighbors, friends, old and new, and all the social networks that surround you. You may renegotiate time, money, household work and decisions, travel, time apart and time together as those routines and priorities change. You may need to find your people like those that share your interests, fitness time, tea or coffee time, or just hanging out time. You also need to find those you can level with, really communicate what is going on for you, those you trust with confidence and insights. Who do you invite into your lives that will enrich, comfort, befriend, and support? Pick the positive ones, the ones you are comfortable with, the ones with whom you can communicate openly with both trust and respect. The Lesson?… With a Little Help from My Friends, retirement can be fun!

It’s a wonderful world, the Louis Armstrong version

The choice of how you spend your time is now yours or at least mostly yours. Chores and duties still exist. But how you follow passions, find purpose, continue learning, challenge yourself, and try new activities is up to you and you have the time to indulge yourself. You can audit university courses, take a part-time job, do volunteer work, join a choir or band, take Spanish, or join a Habitat for Humanity build as the portfolio of possibilities unfolds. How you structure your day, week, month, and the year is no longer dependent on the work cycle. The goals you set are yours. Make the most of the time you have to enrich your life and the lives of others and to leave a positive legacy and good memories.

Too many do not prepare the garden of retirement ahead of time and cannot reap because they did not sow. Retirement seems a giant bore to them and they feel lost. Others get voluntold into activities and identities they did not choose. The Lesson? Do What You Wanna Do, be what you wanna be…

Always look on the bright side of life by the Monty Python Gang

Aging is not for sissies and attitude is everything. An Irish comedian suggests not looking for happiness as you are bound for disappointment. He suggests aiming for occasional contentment. Others point out that happiness is a choice, likely the best choice to make. We all have losses, stress, and misunderstandings, but it is how we handle them that makes the difference. Hum a little When You’re Smiling or Happy Days are Here Again until you are smiling.

So, in summary, have your plan and your fall back plan, maximize your good health with regular exercise and good nutrition, cultivate supportive friendships and good communication with family and friends, figure out how you are going to revocate, regenerate and structure your time, and then stay positive with the best attitude you can muster!

Compose your own Ode to Joy so that you can sing (I’ve Had) The Time of my Life!

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