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Ideas for success, wealth and happiness

Ideas for success, wealth and happiness

It’s hard to believe that a math guy who never did well in English classes is now an accomplished columnist, editor for my award-winning Retire Happy Blog and is the author of 9 books with more coming.

Ideas for success, wealth and happiness

I’m really excited about one of my books, IDEAS FOR SUCCESS, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS because it’s a book that is completely different than my other books.

The truth is I did not originally write this book for the masses. Instead, I wrote this book for my four kids and the motivation for the book came from my work on legacies.

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About the book

I believe everyone has a legacy to share and no matter how ordinary you are, there are people that can benefit from your beliefs, values, and experiences.

Although I do not view myself special in the world, I do think I am still special to my wife and my kids. I adore my family and I like to think they adore me. I hope my kids will always love me and respect me like I respect and love my parents. I hope that I can instill good values and teach my kids about how to find more success, wealth and happiness in their lives.

This book is one of the ways I can share with my kids my values, beliefs, and inspirations about success, wealth and happiness. This book contains ideas, messages, and quotes about life. All the ideas and quotes in the book are special to me and have brought me to where I am today.

The book has a personal finance slant to it and my sincere hope is that the book not only helps my kids find direction and purpose in life but that the book also helps others. For others, I hope this book is a book about inspiration and dreams. Whenever I need a little lift to my day, I pull out this book as a reminder of what I need to do to live life to it’s fullest. I have had some readers tell me it’s a book that fosters conversation with their families. My hope is that it’s a book that brings more success, wealth and happiness in your life.

100% to charity

The book was never written with profit in mind like my other books so I decided to donate 100% of the proceeds of the book to the YIH CHARITABLE GIVING FUND through the EDMONTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION. The giving fund is another legacy project that teaches my kids about the importance of giving back to the community and those that need moral and financial support. Every year, my kids help in determining which charity gets the annual contribution from the fund. Since the release of this book, I am very proud to announce that I have donated over$1500 to the YIH CHARITABLE GIVING FUND from the sale of this book.

Help me raise money for charity

You can help with my campaign buy buying the book in paperback or on kindle and spreading the news to your circle of influence.

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