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These days, more and more retirees are deciding to return to the workforce. While some opt for full-time work, either out of desire or necessity, there are plenty of part-time jobs available to senior [more]
When you work with people who are retired or about to retire, one of the most popular questions I hear over and over again is HOW CAN I CREATE MORE INCOME from my investments?It's a big challenge [more]
Common Investment Mistakes by Retirees
Planning to Live Off DividendsAiming to live off your investment income is a noble goal, but it may cause people to save more than they really need to for retirement.According to Hartford Fund [more]
I don’t like retirement rules of thumb. I think they can be deceiving. If someone says you need $1 million to retire, they may be right. Or really wrong.$1 million in an RRSP is very different f [more]
The 6 Best Strategies to Minimize Tax on Your Retirement Income
You will have a lot more tax saving opportunities after you retire than before.If you get a salary, you may have limited tax deductions or tax saving strategies. When you retire, it is completely [more]