Revealing investing for income secrets for 2007

Can you imagine your retirement income going up in 2007?

John and Mary from Nanoose were skeptical. John at age 67 and Mary at age 65 used these strategies a year ago and they were amazed at how easily they could increase their retirement income.

A year ago, they had investments in GICs and were rolling them over for another year. Each year for the past ten years, the interest rates seemed to be getting lower and lower. Finally, they asked me, What else can we do? I said try the seven strategies to increase your retirement income. Look at portfolios that are designed for your needs, income and capital preservation.

They did not want to dramatically increase their risk tolerance but needed more income. Heres the secret.

There are seven different income generators that you will find can increase your income. Put any or all in a portfolio and you will find why portfolio managers use them to generate income.

They include diversified mutual fund portfolios that hold preferred shares, real return bonds, mortgages, corporate bonds, long term government bonds, high yield bonds, and annuities.

The mutual funds were also set up to pay monthly income, directly to their bank account.

Imagine a year ago John and Mary started to diversify beyond GICs and finding out that almost all of these assets did better than a one-year GIC as well as a five-year GIC.

The income they generated monthly literally started to increase immediately. As more terms came due, some were reinvested into a laddered GIC plan and the rest were put to work to generate more monthly income for them.

Six out of the seven income generators are also cashable anytime, giving John and Mary more liquidity and flexibility than they had before. An appropriate risk structured income portfolio was designed to give them comfort and flexibility for years to come.

Now that you know the secrets, I am sure you will want to find out how you can increase your retirement income.

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