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I often come across investors who are reluctant to sell an investment because of the associated capital gains tax payable. Whether it’s a stock or mutual fund they’ve owned for ages, a rental prop [more]
Every year at this time, we start to prepare for summer and get ready to celebrate Canada Day.  Maybe there's another day to celebrate this time of year.  Tax Freedom Day happened on June 7th this [more]
Every year tax time is a good reason to complain about paying too much tax.  One of the big misconceptions I hear over and over again is this notion that we pay half of our money to the government.  [more]
Are you getting a tax refund this year? Our first inclination is typically that a tax refund is a bonus and we rush out to use it for something that gives us emotional gratification. Spending the bonu [more]
New Income tax rates in Alberta
In 2015, Albertans went to the polls twice.  Once to vote for a premier of our province and then for a Prime Minister.  In both cases, the Conservatives went down.  Provincially, orange became the [more]