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Over the past few years, the growing importance that we place on creating and maintaining some kind of work-life balance has had a huge influence on corporate hiring and employee retention efforts. In [more]
When it comes to a group benefit plan there are typically two trains of thought.  The first is to treat all employees the same and thus put in a benefit plan where everyone has the same benefits.Th [more]
In a study by Staples Inc., the office supply retailer, about 86% of office workers say their furniture causes discomfort, and more than half say that if they could make one change, it would be a bett [more]
When times are good, jobs are abundant and employees might overlook the value of their benefit plan.  When times are tougher a recent study by Sanofi-Aventis says that the majority of employees place [more]
Good Group Benefit brokers can really add value to group benefit plans.  A good benefits broker is experienced and knowledgeable on designing and implementing a good line up of benefits.  They can h [more]