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According to the 2014 edition of the Sanofi Healthcare Survey almost half of plan members expect to be able to access their current health benefit plan after they retire from their employer. However, [more]
A major concern for employers looking to control their costs is health and dental benefits. One of the fastest rising health care costs for employers is drug plans. With the advances in medicine, ther [more]
When you’re travelling across Canada or to another country you could face an unexpected medical emergency. Emergency Travel Insurance is part of most group benefit plans and is designed to make you [more]
Similar to defined benefit pension plans, traditional health and dental benefit plans are like an open-ended liability for employers. Providing health and dental benefits to employees has always been [more]
This article was published by in their November 2013 Vol. 9-5 editionHave you ever wondered how your drug benefit plan compares to others? Are you an outlier or wit [more]