One of Canada’s leading authorities on retirement, investing and personal finance

Financial Expert, Syndicated Columnist, Best Selling Author, Financial SpeakerA familiar face to many, Jim Yih is one of Canada’s leading authorities on retirement, investing and personal finance.

Jim has authored 8 books including his first best seller, MUTUAL FUNDamentals.  His current titles include Smart Tips for Estate Planning, 10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Retirement, A Simple Guide on Guaranteed Investing, Ideas for Success, Wealth and Happiness, and A Beginners Guide to Saving and Investing in Canada.

Jim is committed to helping people make better decisions about money. He believes education is the root of success so he continues to write books and develop tools to help you attain more financial success.

He has become a source for the media as his analysis and research have been used by The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Edmonton Journal, The Calgary Herald, The Montreal Gazette, The Vancouver Sun, and many other publications across Canada.

Jim is a regular expert on Alberta Primetime and has been featured on Breakfast Television, Shaw News, CTV News, Global, CBC Radio, 880 CHQT Radio and The Globe and Mail's Let's Talk Investing Video series.

Jim has been in the financial services industry since 1991. He began his career training financial advisors on retirement and investment products. In 1995 he became a successful financial advisor consulting individuals in the area of retirement and investing.

Today, Jim spends his time putting financial education programs in the workplace.  His financial seminars and retirement workshops are highly sought after by employers, associations, unions and conference organizers.  With over 80 speaking engagements a year, Jim’s entertaining, common-sense approach to finance and investing appeals to audiences of different appeals. Jim speaks regularly to many different organizations like investor groups, professional associations and industry conferences.

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Best Selling Author

10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Retirement

Three of Canada’s foremost retirement and life educators bring their collective insights, experience and knowledge to bear on the problems that Canadians face in planning for retirement. Using 10 key planning principals, the authors outline a perspective on planning that incorporates lifestyle planning, management of credit and debt, investment planning, insurance and risk management, tax efficiency, legal and estate planning and income design.

This book has attracted some great reviews from Canada's premeire personal finance media personalities and professional bloggers.


Smart Tips for Estate Planning

Smart Tips for Estate Planning gives you what you need to avoid the trap of having an inappropriate cookie-cutter Will and estate plan. Instead, you will learn how to legally take advantage of tax breaks, avoid unnecessary probate fees, thwart creditors, and establish trusts for your children and grandchildren.

Canadians who use the ideas in Smart Tips for Estate Planning will be able to develop fully customized estate plans that protect families, safeguard assets, bring peace of mind, and leave a legacy for future generations.




MUTUAL FUNDamentals is a powerful and compelling book on research and selecting top mutual funds in Canada. While other books today deal with similar topics, there are many reasons why MUTUAL FUNDamentals stands above the rest. MUTUAL FUNDamentals is a powerful and compelling book on research, rating and selectingtop mutual funds in Canada. While other books today deal with similar topics, there are many reasons why MUTUAL FUNDamentals stands above the rest.

Not just another book on mutual funds

The foundation of our book lies in our research because “Good research leads to good decisions.” We address some of the shortfalls that exist in other rating systems. MUTUAL FUNDamentals is about applying quantitative research and information, in a disciplined and objective manner which will produce funds that stand out as the highest quality. Fundamentally, this is also the objective of other rating systems. However, the key difference in our research is the emphasis. We emphasize analysis of risk, and consistency more than performance. And we emphasize underlying principles rather than just results. Like the old saying goes, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day but teach a man to fish and he eats for life.” – we are teaching rather than just giving.


Seven Strategies to Guarantee Your Investments

Seven Strategies to Guarantee Your Investments is the perfect book for conservative investors who want to enhance returns without compromising on risking their capital. There is no other book like it in the marketplace. The Book as already garnered wide media and industry wide acclaim from the likes of Bruce Cohen, Ellen Roseman, Duff Young, Tim Cestnick and many more.

Has your investment portfolio taken a beating? Are you discouraged by the stock markets? Does your crystal ball show doom and gloom in the years ahead? Are you frustrated with your investment portfolio? Does risk in investments make your stomach turn? ARE YOU SLEEPING AT NIGHT? Conservative investors face all these questions.

Syndicated Columnist

For the past 5 years, Jim has written over 500 articles for various publications. His articles are entertaining, informative and timely. Jim’s popularity continues to grow because of his ability to communicate with clarity.

Other Media Contributions


  • CTV News
  • Shaw Cable
  • Alberta Primetime
  • Help TV
  • Global News
  • Breakfast Television
  • City TV


  • National Post
  • Globe and Mail
  • Edmonton Journal
  • Edmonton Examiner
  • Vancouver Sun
  • Calgary Herald
  • Victoria Times
  • Ottawa Citizen
  • Montreal Gazette
  • Investment Executive
  • Canadian Investment Journal
  • Alberta Council on Aging
  • Edmonton Seniors
  • CIBC
  • Alberta Treasury


  • Canadian Moneysaver
  • Foerever Young
  • Today’s parent
  • Moneysense
  • Canadian Business


  • Newstalk 650
  • CHQT
  • Cool 880
  • CBC Radio

Book Contributions:

  • Mutual Fundamentals, 1999
  • Seven Strategies to Guarantee Your Investments, 2004
  • Smart Tips for Estate Planning, 2009, 2011
  • Live Well, Retire Well: Strategies for a Rich Life and a Richer Retirement by Patricia Lovett-Reid, Senior Vice President, TD Waterhouse
  • Investments – University Textbook
  • 10 things I wish someone told me about retirement 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Ideas for Success, Wealth and Happiness, 2011
  • A Beginner's Guide to Saving and Investing, 2012
  • A Simple Guide on Guaranteed Investments 2012
  • 65 Things to Do When You Retire, Sellers Publishing, 2011


  • My Estate Organizer – software
  • My Legacy Organizer – software
  • Mr.Tax Software
  • Quicken


  • Yahoo
  • Professional
  • Fiscal
  • Globefund
  • Globeinvestor

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