A Message From Jim

Hi my name is Jim and as a professional speaker, I have been delivering presentations on retirement, investing and personal finance for the past 20 years. I’ve made it my mission to help people make better financial decisions through not only my presentations but also my syndicated column, best selling books and personal consultations.

I get a thrill when I walk on stage in front of people. I love educating, entertaining and inspiring my audiences to a better life. There’s no better feeling though, than when you really connect with your audience. I think the best way to connect with your audience is to speak from the heart and use the ancient art of storytelling to inspire them to action. Telling stories that people can relate to is a form of communication that I am really passionate about.

It really touches me when people come up and give me hugs and handshakes and tell me how great the session was. It’s even better when I get emails or letters long after the presentation from participants who have taken the information and improved their lives because of me. Quite frankly, that’s what I strive for each and every time I get up on stage.

As a professional speaker, my specialty is presentations on retirement, wealth and personal finance. I’ve got presentations for 1 hour keynotes to 3 full day workshops. Whatever your needs are, let me know. I’ll work very hard not to disappoint.

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“Jim Yih is exactly what we had been looking for for several years – an independent, qualified financial advisor with gifted presentation skills offering a full-day seminar on retirement planning for our employees.”

Lori Klingbeil, Manager Pensions and Retirement Planning Sherritt Intl Corporation

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Jim is one of Canada’s leading experts on money, retirement, investing and personal finance. He has a passion for teaching and helping people make better decisions with money so they can all retire happy and achieve financial wellness.

As a well-known professional speaker, he has entertained audiences large and small with his common sense ‘to the point’ approach. Audiences rave about Jim’s ability to take complex matters and deliver them in a way that makes sense. He believes that true success of a professional speaker comes from not only education but also entertainment and inspiration. His use of humor and real life stories make Jim’s presentations memorable and delightful. Jim is the consummate professional who strives to make a difference in the lives of the people he touches. His goal in every presentation is to share light bulb moments so his audience can achieve more success, wealth and happiness.

Keynote Presentation Topics

Keynote presentations are 1 to 3 hour presentations ideally designed for conferences, meetings, banquets, and special events:

Retire Happy:  The secret to making retirement the best years of your life
Investing is not rocket science: You can become a successful investor
Take control of your money:  Seven habits of highly wealthy people
How much is enough?  Are you ready for retirement?
Estate Planning:  It’s about more than just money
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Everyone has a legacy – what’s yours?
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Other Topics

From time to time, Jim’s clients have requested specific presentations for very specific functions.  Here’s some other topics Jim has presented on:

The Future Retirement – For the past 20 years, Jim has been passionate about studying and understanding the retirement field.  In this presentation, Jim walks through the changes in retirement planning from 100 years ago to today.  His insights on the future retirement are interesting and compelling.  Jim’s message is appreciated by many corporations as they struggle with the reality that they may lose a lot of their workforce to the retirement of baby boomers.  This session is perfect for a conference keynote.

Financial Tips for Tough Times (Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times)- The economy and stock market goes through cycles like anything else.  When times are tough people need help more than ever.  This seminar addresses important tips when times are uncertain.

Magic Beans of Wealth – Jim has achieved much financial success himself.  Before he turned 40, he sold his business and achieved a multi million dollar net worth.  In this session, Jim shares his own stories about his successes and failures of wealth.

Simple is better – We all live busy lives in a complex world.  One of Jim’s principles of life is to keep things as simple as possible.  He believes with simplicity will come more success, wealth and happiness.  In this session, Jim shares with you his own story of seeking balance in a busy life.