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RRSP Quick Facts 2018: RRSP deadlines, contribution limits, and more
It's that time again when Canadians go out and buy RRSPs for the past year. Here are some of the rules and regulations for RRSPs so you can make good RRSP decisions this year. Who is eligible to [more]
Retirement income planning for Canadian non-resident expatriates can be difficult. Let's consider some of the implications of receiving CPP/QPP, OAS, RRSP and pension income in retirement. CPP/QPP [more]
3 Reasons to Avoid Withdrawing Money from RRSPs before Retirement
“Learn from the mistakes of others; you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed a definite increase in the numb [more]
When should you use your RRSP deduction?  Current year or future year
When it comes to RRSPs, it's important to understand the difference between when you make your contribution and when you make your deduction. What's important to know about your RRSP contributions [more]
2015 Online RRSP Guide: Helping your with RRSPs
The 2015 RRSP season is here and here’s a list of my articles to help you make good decisions and plan for retirement.  I've been writing about this topic for a long time so I warn you, there is a [more]