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Snapshot Performance

As I look outside my window, it’s dark, cloudy and pouring rain but just a couple of days ago it was hot and sunny with clear blue skies.  As we all know, the weather is very difficult to predict. It changes not just monthly, weekly or daily but hour by hour.  Weather forecasters do their best inContinue Reading

The World of Guaranteed Investing

If you pick investments based on a popularity contest, chances are you would be on the hunt for something with a guarantee. In times where equity markets disappoint investors, investors will often search for guaranteed investments. I am a believer that psychology plays a huge role in investing, and while I fundamentally believe that investorsContinue Reading

Investing and Taxes Go Hand in Hand

If you are looking to invest non-RRSP money, it is crucial that you are aware of the implications of tax. The biggest problem in the industry today is that we post pre-tax returns and not after tax returns. Investing and taxes go hand in hand so be sure to understand how different investments are taxed.Continue Reading

Borrowing to invest: Folly or fortune?

With volatile markets and Canadians’ aversion to debt, why is this Talbot Stevens guy still preaching borrowing for investment purposes (leveraging)? Many financial advisors support conservative leveraging, while some clients don’t understand that it can be a smart idea or how to do it effectively. Let’s face it, borrowing to invest has a bad rep.Continue Reading