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Buy and Hold does not always work

Stock markets around the world can depress, scare and concern investors. For many people, the advice coming from the financial industry is ‘hang in there and eventually things will come back.’ For the most part, this advice is the right advice. Statistics suggest that when you look at the stock markets, they go up approximately 70%

Three types of bonds

Bonds are a hot topic these days. Bonds are not only popular when markets go through significant corrections but it’s tough not to be intrgiued with this conservative asset class when you look at the returns of bonds compared to stock over the past 10 years. Year Bonds Equities 2004 5.9% 14.5% 2005 5.2% 24.1%

The power of rebalancing your investment portfolio

When you read investment articles, a lot of time is often spent on the buying strategy. When to buy, how to buy and even what not to buy? However, less time is spent on the sell side of the equation.  As a result, many experts default to the buy and hold philosophy because it is

Take Your Investing to the Next Level with Tools from Globe Unlimited

As you plan for your retirement, there is a good chance that you need access to tools that can help you take your investing to the next level. How do you monitor your portfolio’s performance and prepare for what’s coming and could impact your retirement? One of the ways you can prepare is through information. Access

Biggest Mistakes Investors Make

We work with organizations and their employees everyday helping them with their investment decisions when it comes to their Group RRSPs and Defined Contribution Pension Plans.  The most common questions we get revolve around what to invest in and choosing the “best” investment. The unfortunate reality is there is no such thing as the “best” investment and even

What mistakes are made when investing money

In two decades of helping people with their money, I’ve learned that most people – left to their own devices – make mistake after mistake. They do precisely the wrong thing at the worst time – zigging when they should be zagging. These errors crush people’s finances and scuttle their retirement dreams. A good financial planner