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Investing and Taxes Go Hand in Hand

If you are looking to invest non-RRSP money, it is crucial that you are aware of the implications of tax. The biggest problem in the industry today is that we post pre-tax returns and not after tax returns. Investing and taxes go hand in hand so be sure to understand how different investments are taxed.Continue Reading

Borrowing to invest: Folly or fortune?

With volatile markets and Canadians’ aversion to debt, why is this Talbot Stevens guy still preaching borrowing for investment purposes (leveraging)? Many financial advisors support conservative leveraging, while some clients don’t understand that it can be a smart idea or how to do it effectively. Let’s face it, borrowing to invest has a bad rep.Continue Reading

Don’t get lured by Financial Pornography

In my workshops I often refer to the term “Retirement or Financial Pornography”.  It often gets peoples attention.  In fact, when  Canadian Capitalist reviewed my book “10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Retirement” he references the term retirement pornography as the opposite of straight talk you don’t usually hear. Sex sells I AsContinue Reading

Do you invest like blue buffalos?

Two and a half years ago, when I purchased my business, Advantage Advisors, half of the walls in our suite were painted dusty pink. The other half were eggplant purple. I’m unsettled around red tones, and connect better with neutrals and earthy tones.   Keen to create a space that reflected my personality, repainting was onContinue Reading

2013 Stock Market Review

2013 was a stellar year for stock markets all around the world so that a great place to start for this stock market review.  Canadian Investors should be very pleased with their 2013 year end investment statements given the strong market performance: 2013 Canada (S&P/TSX) 13.00% US (S&P500) 41.50% Global 35.90% International 31.60% source:  Morninstar,Continue Reading

Basics of Investing in Bonds

This article has been updated January 2014 Bonds are one of the cornerstones of the investment industry.  They are an integral part of institutional money management and have an important place in retail investing. What is a bond? Technically a bond is just a loan where you lend the money and someone is willing toContinue Reading