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Investing your TFSA

Sometimes, the TFSA is misunderstood.  One common misunderstanding is how many people think the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) is just a savings account.  After all, the ‘SA’ in TFSA stands for ‘savings account’.  If the TFSA was called the Tax Free Investment Account (TFIA), would people then mistake it for just a savings account

Are high debt levels really a problem?

Debt is in the news again.  That’s not new news and neither is the message that Canadian have high debt levels that  continue to increase steadily to new record levels with every new study or report.  The latest study by  Equifax Canada has Canadian Consumers pegged at 1.5 Trillion dollars of consumer debt (which does

Stop raiding your RRSPs before retirement

One of the best parts of my job is when I can help people with their retirement plans.  Unfortunately too often, I get humbled from these face to face meetings because I realize that not all retirements happen with a happy ending.  I recently met with 2 people that asked me to share their stories

Year End Checklist

This is the time of year that we are reminded that time flies incredibly fast. The Christmas season has already started and it won’t be long before we will wrap up another year. While many of our investment portfolios have taken setbacks, keep focused on the reality that bull markets always follow bear markets and that

Be mindful of holiday spending faux pas

For me a financial holiday faux pas is when your actions in December have negative financial consequences in the future.  Here’s some financial faux pas to think about as you continue your holiday spending. Stop being overly emotional with your spending Every decision has two key influences.  The logical influence and the emotional influence.  The