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Designing your Retirement Lifestyle
I've been in the retirement planning industry for almost 25 years in many different roles but the one question that has come up more often than not is "How much is enough?"  How much should you save [more]
How Much Will I Need for Retirement?
When preparing for retirement, this is probably the most widely asked question. The answer is actually quite simple. It depends on the lifestyle you want in retirement or the lifestyle that you have t [more]
New Income tax rates in Alberta
In 2015, Albertans went to the polls twice.  Once to vote for a premier of our province and then for a Prime Minister.  In both cases, the Conservatives went down.  Provincially, orange became the [more]
Benefits of Financial Education at work
Since the 1980s there has been a shift in the group retirement world that has moved the responsibility for choosing and managing investments from the employer to the employee. Unfortunately, financial [more]
New TFSA Limits Approved for 2015
The 2015 federal budget, announced in April 2015, included a significant increase in the TFSA contribution limit for 2015. While it’s possible to argue that the changes really only benefit wealthier [more]