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Why I switched to a cashback rewards credit card

I have been an Air Miles collector for a long time.  Many people have asked me if Air Miles is the BEST reward program and I always disclose that I have not done a lot of research or comparisons in this area. I did some analysis a while back and thought the Air Miles system

Variable Returns Can Work Against You in Retirement

Variable Returns Create Timing Risk One of the problems of return projections in the financial industry is that most of the math is modeled on a straight line.  For example, the math on a 7% average return really assumes that you make 7% per year each and every year.  If you think about it, the

Biggest Mistakes Investors Make

We work with organizations and their employees everyday helping them with their investment decisions when it comes to their Group RRSPs and Defined Contribution Pension Plans.  The most common questions we get revolve around what to invest in and choosing the “best” investment. The unfortunate reality is there is no such thing as the “best” investment and even

Does half your money go to taxes?

Every year tax time is a good reason to complain about paying too much tax.  One of the big misconceptions I hear over and over again is this notion that we pay half of our money to the government.  Just recently, someone showed me an insurance proposal where the advisor used a 50% tax rate

Ideas for Success, Wealth and Happiness

It’s hard to believe that a math guy who never did well in English classes is now an accomplished columnist, editor for my award winning Retire Happy Blog and is the author of 9 books with more coming. Ideas for success, wealth and happiness I’m really excited about my one of my books, IDEAS FOR SUCCESS, WEALTH

Are voluntary CPP Contributions a good idea?

Here we go again . . . Should the government allow voluntary CPP contributions?  I was asked to share some of my personal thoughts on expanding CPP on the Calgary morning show on CBC Radio. Recently Finance Minister Joe Oliver floated the idea of giving Canadians the option to voluntarily contribute more to CPP to supplement