Showing by author: Jim Yih

Another look at RESP Rules
Recently I was on Alberta Primetime reviewing the RESP rules which can be so confusing to so many people.  In the segment, we break down some of the basics on how to get started, what are the limit [more]
Five Unconventional life insurance tips
For most people, buying life insurance is typically very low on the priority list. It’s just not something we tend to think about day to day. Despite that, it is a very important financial planning [more]
Three keys to financial security
I've been busy travelling for work and recently was up to Inuvik with by business partner.  It's hard to believe we were only an hour from the Arctic Ocean.  That will be one of my goals for the [more]
Common Fears of Estate Planning
No matter how you look at things, Estate Planning involves emotions. Some common emotions include the joy of giving to loved ones, sadness that you won't be around to see how loved ones might enjoy yo [more]
Pension Plans are the Foundation of Retirement Planning
According to Canada Customs Revenue Agency (CCRA), "A pension plan may generally be described as an arrangement between an employer and its employees, or between a union and its members, for prov [more]

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