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Don’t finance your car loans for 8 years
I've been looking to replace my 8 year old minivan and I am amazed at the number of financing options available when it comes to buying a car, especially a new one.  Over 25 years ago when I was look [more]
Tax benefits for families
Bring a father of 4 boys, I can personally say I am happy with these four tax benefits for families.  Here's a personal viewpoint of how these benefits affect my family: Enhancement of Universal C [more]
Pay attention to your RESP withdrawals
2014 was the first possible year for children to have reached the maximum CESG of $7,200. There will be thousands of parents across the country with thousands of kids who will hit the $7,200 maximum g [more]
Traditional Investing may not work in retirement
All the way up until you retire, you’ve probably been taught some key principles of investing like diversification, dollar cost averaging and buy and hold.  As important as these traditional invest [more]
Buy and Hold does not always work
Stock markets around the world can depress, scare and concern investors. For many people, the advice coming from the financial industry is 'hang in there and eventually things will come back.' For [more]