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Traditional Investing may not work in retirement
All the way up until you retire, you’ve probably been taught some key principles of investing like diversification, dollar cost averaging and buy and hold.  As important as these traditional invest [more]
Buy and Hold does not always work
Stock markets around the world can depress, scare and concern investors. For many people, the advice coming from the financial industry is 'hang in there and eventually things will come back.' For [more]
Bonds are a hot topic these days. Bonds are not only popular when markets go through significant corrections but it's tough not to be intrgiued with this conservative asset class when you look at the [more]
The power of rebalancing your investment portfolio
When you read investment articles, a lot of time is often spent on the buying strategy. When to buy, how to buy and even what not to buy? However, less time is spent on the sell side of the equation. [more]
Why I switched to a cashback rewards credit card
I have been an Air Miles collector for a long time.  Many people have asked me if Air Miles is the BEST reward program and I always disclose that I have not done a lot of research or comparisons in t [more]