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Year End Checklist

This is the time of year that we are reminded that time flies incredibly fast. The Christmas season has already started and it won’t be long before we will wrap up another year. While many of our investment portfolios have taken setbacks, keep focused on the reality that bull markets always follow bear markets and that

Be mindful of holiday spending faux pas

For me a financial holiday faux pas is when your actions in December have negative financial consequences in the future.  Here’s some financial faux pas to think about as you continue your holiday spending. Stop being overly emotional with your spending Every decision has two key influences.  The logical influence and the emotional influence.  The

The formula for retirement success

In our retirement workshops, we often look at the components of retirement savings as a simple mathematical formula: SAVINGS x RETURN x TIME = RETIREMENT I know the actual math is different (P(1+i)^t)=FV but the point is that your retirement assets is really a function of some key components. What is most important? Recently, one

Strategies to deal with market volatility

Last week, I wrote about the 5 realities of the stock market.  From these points, it is easy to see that short term irrational behavior can be the biggest mistake made by any investor.  This week the markets continue to jump around so I thought is would be appropriate to share my thoughts on investment

The Five Realities of the Stock Market

The stock market is often misunderstood especially during periods of high volatility.  What we believe should be reality is sometimes not.  Back in 2001, I wrote a special report called Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times after the beginning of the tech bust and also the fallout of 9-11.  In that report I shared my