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Strategies to deal with market volatility

Last week, I wrote about the 5 realities of the stock market.  From these points, it is easy to see that short term irrational behavior can be the biggest mistake made by any investor.  This week the markets continue to jump around so I thought is would be appropriate to share my thoughts on investmentContinue Reading

The Five Realities of the Stock Market

The stock market is often misunderstood especially during periods of high volatility.  What we believe should be reality is sometimes not.  Back in 2001, I wrote a special report called Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times after the beginning of the tech bust and also the fallout of 9-11.  In that report I shared myContinue Reading

A simple way to track your spending

One of the key habits of financial success is living within your means and knowing how much you spend every paycheque, every month, or every year.  In one of my most popular articles on RetireHappy,  Different ways to track your spending, I talk about how important it is to know how much you spend and offer some different waysContinue Reading

Sharing my retirement dreams

Every day I help others develop, tweak, start and manage retirement plans.  So when Paul Gagliari, Manager of Social Media at Sun Life and asked me to describe my retirement goals in a sentence or two, it really forced me to re-think what I want my future retirement to look like.  One would thinkContinue Reading

Changing investments in a Group RRSP

I’ve always said that psychology plays a big role in investing. I’ve been seeing this first hand when we are providing financial education for members of Group RRSP and Pension Plans. Good news about returns Recently, I was talking to a group of employees and showed them the returns on the asset allocation funds withinContinue Reading

Do You Need Life Insurance?

I recently read a discussion forum about this important question: Do you need life insurance? In this forum, there were some incredibly intelligent people that ranged from financial advisors, fee for service advisors, life insurance agents, financial bloggers and even do-it-yourselfers. Life insurance has forever been a controversial topic of discussion. The roots of negativityContinue Reading