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Setting students up for financial success
The fall season is certainly well know for getting back to school so it's also an opportune time to to talk about finances for post secondary students.  Here's a segment I did recently on Alberta Pri [more]
Common questions on Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)
When kids go back to school, I always get an increased number of questions on RESPs. This week, as a result here are four frequently asked questions on RESPs. What are the rules around taking money [more]
What are your family financial values?
My wife and I talk about money a lot.  While some studies suggest that money issues can be a significant catalyst for marital problems, I think having open lines of communication about money is extre [more]
Tax Freedom Day 2016
Every year at this time, we start to prepare for summer and get ready to celebrate Canada Day.  Maybe there's another day to celebrate this time of year.  Tax Freedom Day happened on June 7th this [more]
Does half your money go to taxes?
Every year tax time is a good reason to complain about paying too much tax.  One of the big misconceptions I hear over and over again is this notion that we pay half of our money to the government.  [more]