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“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” H. Jackson Brown Jr. Approximately 40% of Canadian companies offer some form of group retirement savings plan for their employees. Whether [more]
If you work for a company that offers a group RRSP program to employees, you’re luckier than you might realize. In Canada, only 40% of employers offer a group retirement plan so, if you work for a c [more]
Much has been written about fees in the mutual fund industry but I still come across people who have no clue what fees they are paying on their investments. Related article:  Mutual Funds and Fees [more]
Recently I’ve read a bunch of stats and articles on RRSP usage in Canada, which makes me wonder if Canadians are using RRSPs properly.  I also see this in my financial education workshops where I a [more]
One of the key decisions that needs to be made around Group RRSP and pension plans is whether employers want to allow employees to withdraw money from the Group retirement program. More and more, we [more]