Moving forward with CPP expansion
Last month the finance ministers reached a historic agreement to expand CPP. This has been hotly debated for years with no action, but it was finally made official. With support from all the provinces [more]
Picture yourself in retirement long before you retire
Think about what your future self will be thanking you for in terms of the decisions you make now.  Could it be paying off debt? Could it be becoming mortgage free?  Could it be keeping physically f [more]
Lessons from a millionaire teacher
My apology to all of the teachers who have been in my life over the years. My wife is a retired teacher and there have been many teachers in our family and circle of friends. Our school system does [more]
3 Ways to Maximize Your Group RRSP
“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” H. Jackson Brown Jr. Approximately 40% of Canadian companies offer some form of group retirement savings plan for their employees. Whether [more]
Three reasons people retire broke
According to a recent study, roughly 40 per cent of Canadians would be unable to pay for an unexpected $200 expense without going into debt. I’ve spent over 20 years working with people and their [more]
What are your family financial values?
My wife and I talk about money a lot.  While some studies suggest that money issues can be a significant catalyst for marital problems, I think having open lines of communication about money is extre [more]