How do you know when it’s the right time to retire?
Recently I was asked to talk about How do you know when it's the right time to retire on Alberta Primetime.  You can watch the interview here but I thought I would also share this information in a p [more]
How to Increase Your Returns by 10 Fold in Your Bank Account
Normally I am not one for completely misleading headlines like the one in this article but the truth is it may not be misleading at all. Canadians have over $100 billion dollars in regular savings and [more]
What’s your findependence day?
In over two decades of working with people and their money, it’s become clear that the average person generally does precisely the worst thing at the worst time. As a result, most of us fall shor [more]
Options When Leaving Your Group RRSP
If you work for a company that offers a group RRSP program to employees, you’re luckier than you might realize. In Canada, only 40% of employers offer a group retirement plan so, if you work for a c [more]
When should you use your RRSP deduction?  Current year or future year
When it comes to RRSPs, it's important to understand the difference between when you make your contribution and when you make your deduction. What's important to know about your RRSP contributions [more]
Personal Finance for couples
“Money is an opportunity to reach unity… when couples work together, they can do anything.” – Dave Ramsey Over the past few months a lot has changed in my life. Buying a house, moving in wi [more]

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