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New financial data for 2011

With the new year comes new figures for CPP, OAS, tax rates, etc. Here are some of the new figures you will need to plan for the year ahead.

RRSP contribution rates

The RRSP contribution limit for 2011 is 18% of 2010 earned income less the pension adjustment to a maximum of $22,450

Remember any contributions made in January and February of 2011 can qualify for 2010 contributions and will fall under the 2010 maximum limit of $22,000

Read this article to learn more about how much you can contribute to an RRSP

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Maximum retirement pension at age 65 – $960 per month

Maximum disability pension – $1153 per month

Maximum Survivors benefit (under age 65) – $529.09 per month

Maximum Survivors benefit (over age 65) – $576.00 per month

Here’s a couple of articles on how much the government will pay you:

Old Age Security (OAS)

Maximum OAS at age 65 – $524.23 per month

OAS clawback starts at $67,668 of income and fully clawed back at $109,607 of income

Read this for more figures on OAS and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

Read this article to learn more about Minimizing OAS clawback

New federal tax brackets for 2011

For 2011, the tax rates have not changed but the tax brackets have increased according to indexation. The new Federal budget this year could change these figures.

$0 to $10,527 – Personal Exemption

$10,528 to $41,544 – 15% marginal tax rate

$41,545 to $83,088 – 22% marginal tax rate

$83,089 to $128,800 – 26% marginal tax rate

0ver $128,801 – 29% marginal tax rate

Remember these rates do not include provincial tax.

Coming soon to Retire Happy VIP members: 2011 Marginal Tax Rate Card. 2010 is currently available.


  1. Scott

    Hi Jim,

    I have a question. Currently I receive CPP-D how will these changes to CPP affect me, if at all?


    • Jim Yih

      Hi Scott, There were no changes to CPP disability. Just keep collecting till 65 and then you will move to CPP retirement.

  2. Scott

    Thank you Jim for the info.


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